Online Casino Bonuses Information and Tips


Among the privileges offered by online casinos to their players, match and deposit bonuses are by far the most popular in the bunch. The main reason why online casinos prefer giving away match and deposit bonuses over other types of promotions is that these options offer a good level of convenience to the player and are also safer to the casino, as they minimize the risk of bonus abuse.

The way match bonuses work is this: the casino matches your bonus in accordance to a set deposit percentage, thus encouraging you, the player, to play larger sums of money. The proportions for the bonus are dictated by the casino’s policy, and can range anywhere from 50% all the way up to 1000% with some online casino promotions. However, it is important to note that the higher bonuses are usually restricted to a particular category of games, such as slots, scratch cards, keno and various other lottery-based casino game variations.

Online casinos’ top preference on the list of available casino bonuses is by far the 100% match bonus. When the online casino welcomes you with this percentage offer for your deposit, it means you get to play double your initial sum. For instance, if you deposit $100, a 100% match bonus with a maximum matching value of $100 will translate into a total initial bankroll of $200, which may or not be game-dependent, according to the policy of that particular online casino.


Match and deposit casino bonuses may require the player to respect a series of wagering rules, as instructed by the online casino. Considering the restrictions associated with the wagering rules may be a little too strict with some online casinos and tend to differ from one gambling site to another, it is important to always verify their specified terms before going for a certain casino bonus.

Moreover, you should be aware that with most online casinos that offer bonuses and promotions, the prerequisite consists in a fixed minimum deposit from the player. Although the sums you are required to deposit in order to claim the offered bonus act more like a guarantee for the casino and are generally negligible compared to the proportions of the bonus and the overall winning opportunities presented to you, they still involve drawing out some cash from your pocket.

Considering the majority of online casinos give away substantial match and deposit casino game bonuses only once for each individual player, as a form of encouragement to sign up for their website, it is advisable to make a substantial initial deposit to fully leverage the advantages offered. Although there may be multiple other enticing online casino promotions along the way, if you seize the opportunity offered by the casino to increase your initial deposit upon sign up, you will benefit from a generous bankroll right from the start. Visit homepage for more..

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